Miniature Stamps



Price per stamp is $12.95 - Call 386-615-8789 or email for more details.






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Here are some samples of the many cute quilts you can create using these super easy stamps:




Miniature Stamps Quilt - Pineapple #1 (300x283)       Miniature Stamps Quilt - Pineapple #1 detail (300x211)

This adorable Christmas tree uses our Pineapple #1 stamp.




Miniature Stamps Quilt - House, Tree and Flying Ge (294x300)

Create this cutie using our House, Tree and Flying Geese stamps.




Miniature Stamps Quilt - Heart (300x226)

Whip up a quick gift for a loved one using our Heart stamp.




Miniature Stamps Quilt - Crazy Patch (300x262)

Create this super cute crazy quilt with our Crazy Patch stamp.




Miniature Stamps Quilt - Cat and Snail Trail (300x291)

Create this feline friendly quilt with our Cat and Snail Trail stamp.






Stamps available in 3" size only

Stamps available in both 2" & 3" sizes

Stamps having two sizes


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